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The concept of Dolls House Concept is a unique combination of seperate floors and roofs each with fronts on lift off hinges enabling the dolls house enthusiast to design and build their own individual dolls house.

All components are designed by ourselves using a CAD computer programme, this includes all floor and roof parts, windows, doors (except for the 6 panel front door) and hinges (both floor and roof) and made in our workshop using basic machines with jigs to give a consistance of quality and fit. This enables us to produce a range of  dolls house designs at affordable prices.

We have an extensive range of wondows and doors, if you don't see the design of house or shop you are looking for, please contact us to discus your particular requirements.
        Dolls House Concept has 2 basic sizes of Dolls House Designs - Double Front at 24" wide x 14" deep and Wee Single Front at 12" wide x 12" deep, both designs have similar features in that the roof lifts off and each floor is seperate, also both the roof fronts and floor fronts are on lift off hinges. The big single advantage of seperate floors, roofs and fronts on lift off hinges is in decorating where each floor can, for instance, be turned upside down for decorating also larger houses are very often too heavy and awkward to move whereas with seperate floors each floor can be moved indiviually. Other advantages are that (which ever dolls house is purchased) addtional floors or basements can be added at a later date. Note houses are made from CAD designs and are manifactured using jigs giving consistancy of size such that aditional floors will fit existing houses. Also - that which brings a dolls house to life is adding lighting which is normally a quite difficult task but  with separate floors and roof their is a gap between each floor and between the top floor and roof for electric wiring either for ceiling lights or for floor fittings such as standard or side lamps or fires etc. see Easy Fit Electrics .  

       All buildings are supplied with stairs and chimney breasts (where appropriate) and doors, windows and hinges are fitted in place. Both floor and roof partitions in the double front houses have doors ready fitted. Floor partitions in the double front houses are not load bearing so can be left out, turn the stairs at right angles to rest against the back of the floor unit and with just one partion one large room and one smaller room can be created and with no partitions a large 'reception' room is available.  Fillers for the partition grooves can be supplied on request.

        Double Pitch Roofs (sloping at both the front and back) with dormers are supplied as standard A Single Pitch Roof (sloping at the front but square at the back) with dormers is also available. The Double Pitch is more traditional but the Single Pitch, with its square back, gives a lot more room for furniture etc. They both look the same from the front and both are the same price. Additional styles of Roofs are available, see Roof Designs.   

Dolls House Concept houses etc. are NOT suitable for children under the age of 14 years.

Dolls House Concept houses are made entirely of MDF (except for 6 panel front doors). Goggles and Face Mask must be worn when sawing, sanding or drilling MDF

The design concept of Dolls House Concept is Design Right Protected.
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